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I am writing to update you regarding our transportation issues. First, both the Hollis Transportation and the SAU apologize and share your frustration. Hollis Transportation started the school year fully staffed and ready to go. No one could have predicted what we would encounter. Two drivers are out with unforeseen long term issues and the bus company, like many employers, has experienced a rash of illnesses this winter season. This combination has forced the company to combine routes (primarily Hollis) to get all the students to and from school safely and as efficiently as possible.

The company presently has three drivers in training (1 fully cleared by Concord and needs 10 hours of training) that will drive full time and another driver who is coming on board to address field trips and extra-curricular/athletic trips. The company has been running regular ads and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Acquiring a bus driver’s license (commercial driver license) is no easy task. The process from start to finish, can take anywhere from one to three months, possibly longer.

When the transportation company is forced to split routes an adjustment is made to our billing. We are not charged for services that are not delivered.

When we return from February break the bus company will utilize their Hollis Transportation Facebook page to post notices regarding the combining of buses or any route that maybe running late on a particular morning.

The transportation issue is not simply a Hollis and Brookline issue but rather a regional problem. There are companies that compensate their drivers better but for the last 39 years Hollis transportation has competitively compensated their drivers while providing dependable service to our SAU. What we are experiencing now is a unique situation that has impacted us “off and on” for several months. The bus company’s goal is to be back on track after the vacation week.

Andrew Corey
Email: andrew.corey@sau41.org


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