There are several annual Federal Block Grants under No Child Left Behind that are controlled by the New Hampshire Department of Education (NHDOE). Each summer, the NHDOE allocates these funds among the school districts in our state by using a formula to determine how much each district will receive for the coming school year. The grants are listed below. If you have any questions regarding the distribution of funds (how the money is used by the districts), please call the SAU office or email , grant manager for Title grants and, grant manager for IDEA grants.

These grants are used to provide services that are not in the school districts’ budgets. IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act) and IDEA Preschool are grants that provide the Federal Government’s part in funding special education under IDEA. The Title IA program is for program to address the needs of economically and academically disadvantaged students. Title IIA funds are to be used for staff and administration professional development.

Small local grants are sometimes applied for in each building by staff members. An example of such a grant would be a “Visiting Artist” grant.


Title IA 13-14

District Allotment
Brookline 28.656.14
Hollis 15,541.08
Coop 47,590.23

Title IIA 13-14

District Allotment
Brookline 8,261.30
Hollis 12,126.86
Coop 15,553.71

IDEA Preschool 13-14

District Allotment
Brookline 12,750.96
Hollis 13,053.58

IDEA 13-14

District Allotment
Brookline 112,219.28
Hollis 151,865.80
Coop 332,315.88


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